Naturano kaadha Immunity Booster

Naturano kaadha Immunity Booster


Kaadha is an ancient Ayurvedic drink with amalgamation of potent ayurvedic herbs and spices. Naturano Kaadha-41 is prepared by decoction method in which the herbs and spices are boiled to dissolve the chemicals of the material

1. Relieve in cold and Cough: The root to many other symptoms is common cold and cough. They mostly appear because of the unpredictable weather and may get worst with headache, weakness, fever, loss of appetite and many other symptoms. Naturano Kaadha-41 helps to fight cold and cough naturally and rejuvenates you to normal healthy life. Kaadha is known from age to treat cold and caugh. It builds our Immunity with the natural herbs and spices in it. A cup of Kaadha everyday can keep seasonal cough and cold away!

2. Fight Flu Naturally: Flu is slightly different from cold. It is caused by viral infection and very quick onset of symptoms which gets severe. High fever, chills, running nose ,headache  body ache makes body extremely weak. Flu also affects the upper respiratory tract and difficulty in breathing. Naturano Kaadha-41 helps fight flu by building natural immunity with its premium quality herbs and spices and helps prevent breathing problems and keeps upper respiratory system healthy.

3. Natural Immunity Booster: Common cold and cough are symptoms of weak immunity. To improve immunity with natural ways Naturano Kaadha-41 is best to have as it has 41 adaptogenic and medicinal herbs in it which builds you from inside and also improves the defense mechanism of your body.

4. Help in Improving digestion: Improper digestion, blotting, constipation are signs of improper functioning of digestive system. Upset tummy makes the whole day upset. To treat digestive issues without medicines, Naturano Kaadha-41 is the best natural remedy. It fights gas formation, lack of appetite and other digestion issues as it contains Ajwain, Saunf alongwith other ayurvedic herbs.

5. Helps Relieve Stress: To curtail stress from our everyday life we end up adopting more unhealthy habits which traps us in this vicious circle of bad health. Naturano Kaadha-41 has 41 ayurvedic herbs and spices which have adaptogenic properties(stress releaving properties). It relieves the symptoms of anxiety and stress and puts a pause to depression naturally.

6. Helps reduce inflammation: Inflammation is the result of incorporated diseases in our body like diabetes, kidney disfunction, cancer, asthama , arthritis. The ayurvedic herbs of Naturano Kaadha-41 helps reduce inflammation. Naturano Kaadha-41 has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties herbs and spices such as ashwagandha, Turmeric, Ginger, etc. is an ayurvedic remedy to help in treating the symptoms associated with inflammation and joint problems such as arthritis, osteoarthritis etc.

7. Antioxidant properties: Naturano Kaadha-41 is also beneficial for its anti-inflammatory properties. Phenolic compounds found in herbs and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, Amla, cloves, basil and cardamom etc. act as potent antioxidants to protect the cells from oxidative free radical damage.

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